“If you're looking for a unique gift, this is the place to shop.”

What started out as a small online shop called Textures by Maria, has grown into a Strathmore storefront as Country Crafts Co. opens its doors wide to the public.

Maria Kenney is the owner of Country Crafts Co. and says she is extremely proud to be a woman-owned business. But more than that, her aim is to provide a space for other woman-owned businesses to thrive alongside her.

“Our storefront actually carries all women-owned businesses,” shares Kenney. “So everything you see in our shop is made by women or is a woman-owned business. As a woman myself, I found it hard to put my products out there when I was starting, so I wanted to give an outlet to other women to have their products available in our community.”

Textures by Maria found a strong online following early on, selling reward jars – a clever system that motivates children to accomplish tasks to reach goals, either individually or collectively.

Kenney says her online business grew to the point where she needed more laser machines to meet the demand for her reward jars.

“So we found this awesome location, and decided to open a storefront.”

logo on window

Kenney says accessibility is very important to her. She realized many shoppers browse online and find items they wish to order, but then have to wait one to three weeks to have them shipped.

“Now in-store, you can just come and purchase it and take it home!”

While Textures by Maria continues online, Country Crafts Co. is Kenney’s storefront, both operating from the same location.

“We have a little bit of everything in the shop,” reveals Kenney. “We sell anything from knitted beanies to bracelets. We have soaps, we have tumblers. We have specialty drinks. There is macrame, soaps, kits for you to take home and make your own earrings, to make lip balm, home decor… and we have this awesome business from Ontario, it's a mum and daughter business, they make beautiful charcuterie boards!”

Kenney says she posted about her storefront opening on social media, and the response has been amazing from day one.

“It’s been great! We really appreciate the community. With the holiday season coming up, they've been coming in looking for Christmas gift ideas.”

Not only does Kenney believe in supporting other moms, but she also is a strong believer in supporting local.

“I'm a mom. I live in Strathmore. My kids go to school in Strathmore. We support our schools, we support our teams, and we want to give something fresh and new for people to shop for in town. Things that you wouldn't usually find, you can buy here.”

The website for Country Crafts Co. is well on its way to being completed, but for those wanting to see the store’s offerings online right now, check out their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/thecountrycraftsco

And to see (or order) her famous reward jars, visit texturesbymaria.com

Visit Country Crafts Co located at 95 Brent Blvd Bay #105.

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