Local café and market Back to Good are hosting another open mic night tonight with donations going towards Skatemore Girls.

Tickets start at $9 and go up to $20 depending on how much you are able to donate.

The entry fee covers a beverage and a treat. Any money that is made off of the initial nine dollars will be donated to the Family Indoor Skate Session by Skatemore Girls that is happening on February 18.

Events Coordinator and Skatemore girls mentor, Becca McDonald, explains that Skatemore girls are an inclusive skateboard community in Strathmore that holds spaces for people apart of the LGTBQ community.

“They will be able to go to the skatepark and feel super safe to try out the sport. We actually go a grant for rural mental health and The Town of Strathmore is helping us do more events.”

McDonald explains that she hopes that this will keep the ball rolling so that they can be a bigger part of the community.

They expect a few people from Calgary to make the trip and share poetry, music, and even some stories.

“It’s just an intimate little space for folks to come and try performing for the first time. “

At their last open mic night, McDonald spoke with a Strathmore resident who initially wanted to see what everyone else was performing, before eventually deciding to perform her own poetry.

“I guess that people say that it is like Nashville style in a sense that people are sitting around, and somebody will be like ‘I have something that I have been working on’ and share it with the group. Then people can be like ‘interesting, I like this’, or they can be like ‘what if you did this’.”

The hope is that the café and market can host these open mic nights more frequently.

For more information on Skatemore Girls click here.

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