Crowther Memorial Junior High School kicked off the month yesterday with their third annual Princess Warrior pageant! This year's princess is grade 7 student Shallon Black, and the warrior is grade 8 student Jerace Spotted Eagle.

Shirley Spotted Eagle is the FNMI (First Nations, Metis, Inuit) liaison at Crowther Memorial and Carseland School, and she explained that most schools across Canada are participating in the Princess Warrior pageant. She's happy that Crowther Memorial students also have the opportunity to celebrate their culture like this.

"With these titles they (the princess and warrior) get to participate in powwows across First Nation Country, Canada, US, and different community events in Alberta or elsewhere. So it's very important, they get to showcase their school, be ambassadors for their school, and participate in powwows," she said.

"It's a very good way to celebrate culture."

crowther memorial princess warrior pageant

While the pageant is an FNMI event, Shirley explained that the entire school can get involved. Yesterday's pageant had a grade nine class in attendance, and throughout the school year school events involving the princess and warrior can be a great way for non-FNMI students to celebrate Indigenous culture.

"It's really important that the whole school gets a chance to participate. It's also a learning experience for the students."

Among the main responsibilities of being school ambassadors at community events, Shallon and Jerace will also be active participants in the FNMI club in the school, also known as Nitsitapi club. Shirley explained Nitsitapi translates to "real people" or "Native people".

As for the princess and warrior themselves, Shallon said she is most excited for powwows, while Jerace said he's excited for all community events.

"Powows, games like hockey games, any games, and Stampede. It should be very fun to go there, it just seems really fun and I get to talk to my friends, catch them up, and just represent," Jerace said.

Congratulations to Shallon Black and Jerace Spotted Eagle on being crowned the new princess and warrior!

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