STAND against sexual assault is an organization that is run by survivors for survivors in Strathmore. 

They offer peer support through individual phone calls where you can connect with someone who has a shared a similar life experience and they offer emotional support as well as helping survivors navigate other resources that are out there. 

Founder and Director of STAND Erin Brassard explains they offer free workshops that are in person or online in junior high and high schools. 

“These are also survivor led, so every education workshop starts by a survivor sharing their story and then it goes into the education aspects and a lot of the impacts and symptoms are always related back to the survivor's story and the person that is teaching the workshop.”  

Brassard also explained they promote wellness through holistic teaching practices. Right now, they are offering art therapy and counselling as well as situational awareness and self-protection. 

Sexual assault is often a topic that isn't brought up too often, which Brassard said needs to change. She says we as a society need to overcome the uncomfortable nature of the discussion and stop silencing the topic.

“We need to open up that conversation because the sad reality is two in three women in Alberta have experienced sexual violence or will in their lifetime and one in two before the age of 18.” 

Brassard also states that it's not only women and girls experiencing sexual assault, as one in four boys will also experience it.  

“Just because we don't talk about it doesn't mean it's not happening, and those numbers won't get any better until we open up that conversation and start talking about this.” 

With the public hearing and learning about STAND, Brassard is bringing the educational aspect to the youth in the community. 

“It's never your fault and there is support out there that is going to really help everyone.” Bassard says. 

STAND is offering art therapy sessions out of the Wheatland Art Society once a month. They also have a big self-awareness workshop coming up at the Strathmore Sports Centre and that is going to be held on February 11 at 1:30 p.m. There are also a lot of wellness workshops that are online

They also have their biggest fundraising event coming up in March, which is a virtual International Women's Day run and walk that will help raise money for STAND.  

STAND can be reached at, they can also be reached over the phone and the support is completely confidential and anonymous.  

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