The results are in and there are some increases in Strathmore’s crime rates in 2021.  

According to the Strathmore Municipal Crime Gauge, there was an increase in person crime of 24 per cent. Alternatively, there was a decrease in property crime of 23 per cent.  

There was a 12 percent decrease in criminal code offenses when compared to the previous year.

It looks like break and enters cases are on the downswing with a 24 per cent decrease, and the same can be said about motor vehicle theft.

The highest increase in 2021 though was 136 cases of assault. This is in comparison to 2020, which only had 98 cases.  

Cases of fraud were down with only 63 cases. There were 95 cases in 2020.  

The Strathmore RCMP has worked to connect more with the community this year. They are currently hosting an RCMP Community Policing Survey. The survey asks participants to rank their priorities for the RCMP in Strathmore if they feel safe in their community, and what the RCMP could improve on.  

A link to the survey can be found here.  

A complete list of 2021 crime stats can also be found here.