The Strathmore Disc Golf scene seems to be flying off the wall lately. The course in town has been heavily used and one enthusiast is hoping to teach others how to play the unique sport.

Patrick Desrosiers picked up the sport after discovering the course in town a few years ago. He and his wife, both tried the sport out of curiosity.

Disc golf has become a popular sport in Strathmore. Photo courtesy of Patrick Desrosiers

“My wife told me there was a league,” he explained. “I thought that would be the best way to learn it so I started with the Strathmore league, and this is where I really learned more of the sport.”

After falling in love with the sport and now in his fourth year playing and his third year playing competitively, Desrosiers has decided to take on those who want to learn the sport and offer lessons.

He says that there is a lot of skill involved with the sports, and it has less to do with how much muscle a person has.

“I just find that there are little details that I can help push further. I can really start from a beginning level, and help them shape their throw and maybe at a different speed,” he continued.

In light of COVID-19, disc golf is a good way to get out of the house as the game can be played physically distant. Desrosiers says that he will be sanitizing all equipment used during lessons to make sure everyone is safe.

He also hopes to use the funds to give back to the disc golf league that helped him learn to love the sport.

"What I was thinking of maybe doing was to buy maybe two or three-player packages a year with some of the money I earned, and give them to the people who used my service.”

For anyone who wants to learn more about the Strathmore Disc Golf League, you can find them on Facebook here or call Desrosiers at 403-614-0952.