Social media and search engine giants, Meta (Facebook and Instagram) and Google have decided to no longer share Canadian news links after the Online News Act, or Bill C-18, was passed in June. 

Does this mean the end of access to local news for you? 

In short, NO. 

Here are some of the frequently asked questions we get surrounding the stories we tell and the changing landscape of news on social media in Canada. 

If Facebook blocks StrathmoreNow posts, how do I find my local news? 

While local news links are often shared on social media, those are just the links to the original story posted to or shared from the StrathmoreNow app

The best way to make sure you don’t miss out on anything happening in your community is to: 

Download the StrathmoreNow app  
We’re posting new stories about our community many times per day so check back often. 

Is StrathmoreNow a Facebook page? 

StrathmoreNow has been regularly sharing some of our stories on our social media accounts but our Facebook and Instagram accounts are not StrathmoreNow. 

All of the local news, sports, weather, community events, radio stations, and more reside on and the StrathmoreNow app.  

Optimized for your phone or tablet, the StrathmoreNow app gives you direct access to local news, weather, and radio stations at the touch of a button. Plus, when you sign up, the StrathmoreNow app also provides notifications for breaking news, amber alerts, contests, and more. 

I am still seeing some posts from on social media. Does this apply to everyone? 

Meta and Google are rolling out their response to the Online News Act to a percentage of Canadians first, but they say this will roll out to all Canadians soon.  

Going directly to your trusted local news source remains the best way to ensure you don’t miss any important or interesting local information.  

Instead of waiting for a social media algorithm to determine what you read about your community, visit or download the StrathmoreNow app and see it all for yourself. 

How can I share the stories from

Each of our stories includes a ‘share this story’ link under the headline. You can use this share quickly and simply. Alternatively, you can use your mobile device to share features to email, text, or post the story. We encourage you to continue to share what you can on social media while Facebook allows it.  

What does this mean for my local radio station's Facebook page? 

Meta and Google appear to be defining all media organizations, including broadcasters, in Canada as the same. National, local, newspaper, or radio access is being limited.  

Thankfully, there continue to be many ways to connect with 104.5 More Country.

Our signal remains strong and you can listen on traditional radio, or by streaming via the StrathmoreNow APP or on your desktop computer.  

104.5 More Country remains deeply connected to our community and regularly posts stories about interesting guests, fun events, and contests on Check the ‘Community’ news under the menu at the top right of the website or app.  

How do I comment on local news stories from if Facebook won’t allow posting? 

We still want to hear from you. Click on ‘Contact Us’ in the menu or email:

You can also join the conversation on our Strathmore Dodge Talk and Text line at 403-902-1111.

I’m traveling to the United States, why can I see your Facebook posts? 

The reaction from Meta and Google to Bill C-18 is in Canada only and only applies to Canadian news outlets. You, as a Canadian, may not see Canadian news on their platforms (including local news from but everything else is still allowed by Facebook and Instagram. 

I would like more information on the StrathmoreNow app.

Please don’t hesitate to contact StrathmoreNow by emailing: 

Stay up to date with local news, sports, and weather by downloading the StrathmoreNow app HERE.