Wheatland County is open for business, but is it necessary to get a business license in the county? What does the process look like?

At the meeting of county council on Tuesday, June 7, the council held a discussion about the possibility of creating a business license in the county versus having a development permit.

During a discussion about the creation of a business directory, it was revealed that the county has no business license or directory for people to search out.

Councillor Donna Biggar suggested that the business license could be voluntary or without a charge. Councillor Shannon Laprise explained that there are benefits to a business license and directory.

Reeve Amber Link revealed that she knew of two businesses that struggled with provincial licensing or with transportation issues. She explained that the process of operating the business, getting a rate for insurance, or provincial licensing was difficult without a business license.

Council voted to direct the administration to create a potential business license process and bring it to a committee of the whole meeting in the future for review.

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