There is a new team member that will be helping to serve you at Dobre Food and Catering! Her name is Petra the Perogie, and you can find her online at 

“We have launched a Make Your Own Perogie game on the website, where you can make your own perogy. There is a piece of dough and then Petra drops different items into the perogy, and you can choose three different ingredients that you can fill your perogy with. So, you can choose from potato, bacon, onions, sauerkraut, cottage cheese, and cheese.” 

The best thing about this game is that you can make these perogies virtually and they are delivered to your door in real life!  

Dobre Food and Catering has also launched a perogie of the month club which is the perfect Christmas gift for any perogie lover out there.  

"Every month, we send out special exclusive deals just to members. We'll send out the flavor of the month and then you have the option to buy it at a special discounted rate as well as other products. We will also be offering discounts to other businesses we have partnered with.” 

Susan explained that they have shifted to the online/ in-person combined platform for their products because of the pandemic. “Well, everything is changing and people are still not comfortable with coming in. This gives them an opportunity, not only to see what we have, but they can order it, have it delivered to their home. It's just simpler for them because we have more limited hours now.” 

She also said that the online website allows them to reach a wider clientele. “It can be shipped out to them and we can ship further than just our local area. So, you want to for instance, maybe you have a cousin in Edmonton and you want to send them perogie of the month club membership, we'll be able to ship all that out to them.” 

“People are shopping in a different way now. We have to think of ways outside the box, we have to think of ways to increase our market without losing our local market.” 

The success of the new website has also allowed Dobre to keep her staff on a more secure schedule.  

“It's really special that it is giving me the opportunity to keep my staff hired and working because even though the restaurant itself isn't open, they are producing product for our online ordering.” 

More information on Dobre Food and Catering can be found on their BRAND NEW WEBSITE at !