This May long weekend RCMP are reminding people to keep safety in mind when visiting your campsites and cottages.  In 2018, there were over 8,600 reports of break and enters to homes, outbuildings, and cottages in Alberta.

Jennifer Kee, Crime Reduction Community Engagement and Outreach Specialist said, "If you are going away for the May long weekend, you want to make a security checklist before you leave.  Make sure the doors are locked, get a timer for your lights to create the illusion that you are still home and if you can get a trusted person to look after your property.  Remove your name from anywhere thieves can access because they can use it to research you online."

 If you are visiting your cabin and you find that it has been broken into over the winter you should notify the RCMP because there is still means they can use to gather evidence.   You should also install some lights at the site so when you first arrive you are not stumbling around in the dark.  It also informs people that the campsite is not vacant.  If you are tenting lock up your valuables in the trunk of your car or locked up in your trailer.

Kee went on to mention the importance of leaving contact information with someone you trust, "Set up check-in times with loved ones to ensure your well being.  If they are missing the RCMP will have a starting point for their search." 

Do not drink and drive.