As the Christmas season comes to an end and all the Christmas décor comes down, there’s one thing that’s left standing…and that is your Christmas tree. You’re probably wondering what you should do with that real tree and throwing it in the compost would be a big waste. 

Here’s the solution to your question – goats. Pine is a delicious treat for goats, and it is also a natural dewormer.

Christina Hatton-Fearnley, one of the owners of Climbing High Farms, explains the benefits, "In the winter time our animals get bored of eating their regular feed. Pine needles are actually full of vitamin C and help control worms."  Currently, they have 23 goats on the farm so they will be very happy with any trees that they can treat them with. 

She also said that for anyone that can donate their trees, they should be free of all ornaments and tinsel.

The goats at Climbing High Farms work hard throughout the year explained Hatton-Fearnley so these treats are especially welcome.

"Training and packing up our goats and taking families into the backcountry is just one way the team shares their love of nature. How to take care of wildlife and each other is something we teach here at the farm and on the trail."

Next year Hatton-Fearnley explained that they want to get the community and families involved with the goats in a more hands-on approach, "We want to get people involved over the spring and summer of our goat training programs, imagine a dog agility course, we're going to be setting up something very similar for our goats, so making them climb over things under things go through water and things like that because that's all the things that we would encounter in the backcountry."

Climbing High Farms will have a trailer parked in 104.5 More Country's parking lot Today (January 9th) between 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. for tree drop-off.

Composting is definitely a great idea for disposing of your Christmas tree – but this year think of the goats. Hatton-Fearnley said it is a pretty great sight to see 20-plus very excited goats come running across the yard when the trees arrive.

For more details on what Climbing High Farms has in store for 2023 be sure to visit them on social media at Climbing High Farms. 



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