In what has become a Halloween tradition for many in Chestermere and surrounding areas, Dr. Giggles is once again bringing his House of Pain for the 15th year to get everybody into the Halloween spirit.

The House of Pain partners with the Chestermere Foodbank and other local charities, so you can get spooked for a good cause! Dr. Giggles is known to bring the scares every year, and he expects this year to be one of the best ones yet.

"The production value is way, way up now. We've got all kinds of super talented volunteers. We have prop artists, we have framers. The show is way more than I ever could have possibly done on my own," he said.

This haunted house is one you don't want to miss; it's unique in that it places you in an immersive and interactive setting. The team actually filmed their own movie for this year's haunted house, which you will be a part of.

"Essentially, the movie is playing out all around you and you're in the movie, you are part of the script. So if I'm being attacked, you're being attacked. Nobody grabbing you or throwing you down, but the threat is real. If I'm being threatened, you're being threatened." 

House of PainThis isn't from "Saw", this was part of last year's House of Pain! Last year was themed after several movies, including "Saw".
Image Courtesy: House of Pain

During covid times, the House of Pain required booking times to comply with health and safety regulations, so up to six people could go in at 15-minute intervals. Even though covid mandates don't exist anymore, Dr. Giggles is keeping this around because he said going in with a smaller group at a time makes the experience much more personal and scary.

"When you show up there, there's nobody else around. It's just you and the haunting, so how spooky is that? "

The work required to put on a haunted house of this magnitude every year is astronomical, especially as it gets more elaborate with each passing year. While the work is immense, Dr. Giggles loves what he does.

"I've always loved Halloween for starters. And the Greater Calgary area loves this, we get people coming from Medicine Hat and Edmonton and all over the place. We just want to keep the Halloween dream alive. We love doing what we're doing." 

Dr. Giggles admits it may not sound that impressive when you consider it's a haunted house built in a residential area in a home, but he says you'll be blown away by how great it really is.

If somebody told me, 'I do a haunted house on my driveway I'd almost feel like, Yeah, it sounds kind of hokey, like it doesn't sound like the real deal.' But if you come out, there you'd be like 'holy cow, man, this guy told me this was awesome. He couldn't even have expressed how awesome this is.' It's absolutely mind-blowing."

The House of Pain is located at 234 Westchester Blvd. in Chestermere, and Dr. Giggles hopes to have it open by Oct. 1. If it's not open by then he guarantees it'll be open by Oct. 6. If you want to go make sure you buy tickets fast, as the times are limited and you don't want to miss out! You can buy tickets here.

"You'd be doing yourself a great injustice if you don't come to see this year."

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