Brave Park by Lakewood and the Strathmore Legion are initiating an Exchange and Twinning Program.

The program aims to connect veterans and encourage experiences with legions and historical sites around the world. The first order of business was to go to the National Pearl Harbor National Memorial. 

"Within a couple of days myself, President Donovan Arnaud from the Strathmore Legion put together some letters to the Superintendent of the Pearl Harbor National Memorial and they greatly accepted what we were offering," said Director of Sales and Marketing for Lakewood of Strathmore, Scott Silva

Silva explained that he delivered a plaque to the memorial and they gave the Strathmore Legion items to bring back.

"We will showcase those items at Brave Park and the Strathmore Legion. Ongoing, we will have a continual program with them where we will host each other in our respective locations and host veterans and make them feel welcome," Silva said. 

Brave ParkThe grand opening of Brave Park by Lakewood.

Silva states that he is excited to embark on this journey.

"It brings together camaraderie, some history, and a chance to present to the next generation the sacrifices those have made before us," said Director of Sales and Marketing for Lakewood of Strathmore, Scott Silva.

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