The Strathmore Wheatland Kings got a much-needed win on Saturday night and are looking to carry that momentum into their two home games this weekend. 

Strathmore's own Ethan VanEgmond is this week's Strathmore Motor Products King of the Week, Ethan also works in Strathmore currently at Magnum Cementing. 

A rookie on the Kings this year Ethan VanEgmond knows the team has what it takes they just have to keep pushing, "They're both home games again, so we're going to be in our home barn, which is nice as long as we play hard and play together as a team, just do what we did on Saturday we can do it again."

Most kids get into the sport of hockey at a very young age, and year after year they keep coming back. As they get older, the seasons get longer, the practices get more demanding, and the commitment increases. 

VanEgmond keeps coming back for one main reason, "The community is a big one, I love playing in front of Strathmore. All the guys on the team are all great guys and I just like being on the same team as them."

That sense of community doesn't just stop in the dressing room for him, VanEgmond expressed his gratitude for the crowd that comes to cheer them on every home game and how much of a difference that can make each time they take to the ice. 

It takes a lot to perform at this level of hockey and as for the qualities that go into being a good player VanEgmond thinks it is pretty simple, "Be the guy who will show up and work hard, leave it all on ice for his team and just be there." 

When asked what advice he would give to younger players it was along those same lines saying that it's never too late to show up and try hard and have fun. 

Being a rookie on the team has given him a new perspective on the game learning for the veteran players around him, "One thing I've learned is work ethic, a lot of the older guys they've been around in the league for a while and I definitely look up to them.  Another thing is in the dressing room you never step on the logo that's bad luck." 

The team has two home games this weekend, Saturday night at 8 against the Lomond Lakers and Sunday at 4:15 against the Coaldale Copperheads. 

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