It was a return trip for the 104.5 More Country crew to Slopeside Land and Cattle just east of Strathmore. 

Matt and Belinda Neilson had an interesting spring with a tractor fire on their property but that has not slowed them down this season. 

With harvest fully underway, they have just under 6000 acres to get through as they work to harvest canola, barley, wheat, hay, flax, peas, and the newly added faba beans. 

Belinda is grateful to see a better harvest this year than last year.

"Harvest is going well. Yields are MUCH improved over last year and we've had a lovely stretch of weather go help us get everything off nice and early."

She explained that the August heat definitely ripened everything a lot quicker than they were expecting, which could have hurt the quality slightly, but so far everything is looking good from a quality perspective.

The crew still has a few more weeks in the field; they are a little over half way done now and should hopefully be wrapped up by the 3rd week of September, so long as the weather and equipment cooperate.

As for the faba beans, Belinda said the crew is excited to see what the end result will be.

"They are likely going to be one of our last fields to harvest, so not sure on yields, but they sure are big plants!"

Man standing with a faba bean plant Matt Neilsen and the crew tried something new planting faba beans for the first time this year. 


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