The residents of Strathmore have stepped it up this year for Halloween. 

Here are a few houses you should check out. 

1. Located at 336 Ranch Garden, Christine Scott's Halloween house plays spooky-themed shows via a projector.

Halloween HouseSneak peek at Christine Scott's projected Halloween show.

2. Chelsea Sollows' haunted walk-through is located at 216 Cambridge Cresent. Sollows asks that you bring donations to the food bank to enter.

Haunted MazePreview of Chelsea Sollows' haunted walk-through.

3. If you decide to trick or treat down Park Lane Drive, just before George Freeman Trail, there's a spooky haunted house ready to give a scare. 

Park Lane driveAs I was cruising around Strathmore, I came upon this spooky house. 

Another house is down Brentwood Cresent and owned by Lynn Smith. 

Lynn HouseSneak peek of Lynn Smith's house.


Lynn house 2Halloween decorations.

Below is a map of all the haunted houses in Strathmore. 

Haunted Houses

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