Adrianna Kiemeny has a talent that can be seen from across the room. She’s only 14-year-old but she’s tapped into a growing social media trend of customizing shoes. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Kiemeny started her own custom-designed shoe business, which was lately featured at the Strathmore Farmer’s Market Fall Fair. Now she’s working on a website, and she already has a Facebook and Instagram page.

“The reason why I do KAGA Designs is because I saw a lot of this on social media and I haven’t seen anyone do it in Strathmore,” she said.

Her business is called Know Art Goes Anywhere or KAGA- Custom Designed Shoes.

“I kind of thought that it would be interesting to do something out of the box and make something creative out of it,” said Kiemeny. She also admitted that she was bored during the COVID-19

“I need to do something with my time, so I created this and now it’s going pretty cool,” she said.

Kiemeny starts her designs with a blank white canvas shoe.

“I take white canvas shoes, either the ones you already have, or the ones I can buy and I paint them in whatever design you’d like,” she said.

Kiemeny’s shoes are bright and innovative, in a multi-million dollar industry where big brand name shoe designers are all customizing their own shoes. Her designs can be viewed on Instagram and Facebook, and she can be contacted at