The second annual 3 on 3 basketball tournament to raise money for the 2023 grad gala is set to happen on May 6.  

Planner of the event Kimberly Proust explained that last year's tournament was a huge success and that it was a lot like a homecoming weekend. 

“Students who have graduated from the high school in previous years participated, students who were graduating and still in the school participated, we had a team from the RCMP play, we had teams of Alumni's from all sorts of years come out and play and when you walked into the gym it just felt like team spirit, it was super fun and really well attended.”  

Anyone can sign up for the event and as Proust says there will be two different competitions. “If you are just there to have fun and hang out the rec side is definitely good for you but if you like the competition you can go into the competitive league.” 

The whole event is 100% run by volunteers and at the moment there are very few volunteers because there are not that many teams that have signed up as of yet.  

“Hopefully we can get more teams signed up. Some of the grads are probably going to be volunteering as well. We don’t have hired refs, you kind of ref yourself and go on the honour system but we do have some parent volunteers and volunteer refs.” 

To put a graduation gala together can run anywhere between $10,000 and $12,000. This year the goal to raise from the basketball tournament is $1000 - $2000.  

“We try to raise as much money as possible so that we can keep our ticket prices (for the gala) super low, so that it is affordable for families. We know this economy is not awesome, so that is why we try to keep the cost as low as we possibly can.” 

The price for entering a team in the game is $50, the teams are ranging from three to six people. “Anyone from the public can come and watch the game as well, we just ask that you bring a donation to the food bank. Then we will drop those donations off to the food bank on behalf of the graduates.”  

Proust explains that they want to continue the event every year and if there are not enough teams registered then they won't be able to have the event this year and they really want to.  

The public can register by emailing The cutoff for registration is April 30. 

3 on 3 Basketball

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