Strathmore and area were treated to spectacular northern lights display last night, as a G3 storm illuminated the skies with one of the most vivid and breathtaking light displays we've seen in years.

Avid aurora chaser and Strathmore local Corrie Peters was one of many who witnessed the lights, and she said last night was the most beautiful she's seen.

"I drove out just before Standard and I looked up and I saw all this, it circled the whole sky in every which direction. It was changing and dancing, I have never seen anything like that sub-storm in my entire life. It did look incredible," she said.


While seeing the northern lights in person is always special, in this case the photos actually enhance the experience, rather than simply being a snapshot of something you might've missed out on. Peters explained she used her professional camera to capture colours and detail that the naked eye wouldn't see. That isn't to say seeing it in person is underwhelming or anything though, as watching the lights dance across the sky is best seen in the moment.

On top of the night featuring a G3 storm (which is based on a scale of G1 to G4), Peters explained it also had a KP index of 8 (which is based on a scale of KP0 to KP9). This meant the aurora was high up on the horizon, so much so that it was essentially directly above us.


The good news for any casual observer of the aurora is that you don't need to have a fancy camera and in-depth knowledge of photography to capture beautiful pictures. Peters said even an iPhone on photo mode can highlight the unique colours and patterns the naked eye may not see, meaning you can take great photos even without all the gear.

auroraThis photo was taken on an iPhone by Peters's daughter Sara Preece. 

If you missed out on the light show last night, you'll have another opportunity tonight as aurora forecast is calling for another breathtaking night.

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