It didn't take long between the last jump and the pumps and this one, Strathmore saw a jump to 1.799 before the weekend, and overnight last night we are now nearing the toonie per litre mark. 

Across Strathmore it is now 1.919 for regular fuel, we are feeling the pinch at the pump but it is worse for others across the country with Vancouver prices well over the two-dollar mark at $2.26/litre. 

According to a report by the Canadian Press, "National average gas prices rose to about $2.06 on Sunday, up almost three cents from the day before and 11 cents higher compared with a week ago, according to the Canadian Automobile Association."

Gas prices have risen rapidly over the last year as a tight global supply has been worsened by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Prices have also been pushed higher by strong demand as the economy reopens and a busy travel season gets underway.

With files from The Canadian Pess, Brett Bundale. 

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