As the weather gets warmer, and it finally becomes summer you’ll see more and more kids zipping down sidewalks on their bikes in Strathmore.

Today the staff at Strathmore’s Value Drug Mart and members of the Town of Strathmore Municipal Enforcement came together to help kick off their annual bike safety campaign.

Bylaw Officer Martin Cuff and Community Peace Office Kevin Taylor spoke of how the program helps young kids think of bike safety in a positive way.

Cuff said, “I think it's important because we get them at a young age where they can learn the safety habits and rules of the road early so that they carry on with their kids eventually.” He explained that most people know already that helmets are important to wear, but kids might not realize that it’s actually the law if you’re under the age of 18 that you must wear a helmet.

“If we see them without a helmet on, we usually stop, speak to them reminding them you need to put on a helmet,” he explained.

Taylor said “Some kids don't realize about walking bikes through crosswalks, they will have tunnel vision when they're coming to a crosswalk. They'll just actually ride right through, so we'll have those conversations with them.” On the partnership with Value Drug Mart he says, “We worked with Value Drug Mart last year, it was fantastic because we were able to educate and the majority knew the rules of the road which was great to see. This year it's going be great to be involved with the kids again.”

The way this program works is that kids who are seen following bike safety rules by members of Municipal Enforcement will get a ticket for a frozen treat at Value Drug Mart.

Then they can enter their name to win a bike and helmet.

Value Drug Mart’s Stacie Morck says the program is meant to promote bike safety but also to ensure everybody has a safe summer.

She reminded local kids to “Makes sure you come in and bring your card when you do get one, get your name and phone number on the back, bring it to the girls and pick up your ice cream, and then you're entered to win that bike and helmet that suit your size.”

The bike safety campaign will run from July 1st to August 31st, with the final draw being held on September 1st.

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