If you have some questions for Strathmore Town Council or just want to enjoy some coffee and donuts, this upcoming event may be for you.

On June 22 at 9 am, Mayor Pat Fule and Deputy Mayor Jason Montgomery will be at the new municipal building in Kinsmen Park to have coffee with the community. Any other councillors that can attend will also be there.

"It's a chance to have some coffee, some donuts, have a few questions answered, learn about a few things," Mayor Fule said.

Deputy Mayor Montgomery had the idea to meet more often with the community and have an informal session. Depending on how it goes, this may be more than a one-time thing.

"I think we're going to see what the response is like, and see what the people are thinking, maybe how often they feel it could be a thing. It could be anything from monthly to quarterly. They'd have an opportunity to say how often they might want to come in, and we can gauge the interest level," Fule said.

Unlike a more formal event like open houses or public hearings, this meet and greet with the mayor is a casual way to learn about what the town is up to. You could even tour around the new building if you'd like.

"I think it'll be nice, I'm sure people have some questions, some things they want to know. Maybe some of them want to see the interior of the new municipal building. So it would be a chance to tour around and see what the council chambers is like, see what the Siksika room is like, that sort of thing as well."

This isn't just a Q&A either, if you just want to shoot the breeze with your local town council, you are more than welcome to attend il.

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