The Golden Hills School Division's new superintendent Jeff Grimsdale is preparing for his first school year as the superintendent, but he's no stranger to the role. Having spent 27 years with the GHSD, with the last nine being Associate Superintendent Learning Services, Grimsdale is excited to continue working with the team he's spent so much time with already.

"We have a very highly effective and highly collaborative central office leadership team, as well as a fantastic group of administrators. We've been working together for a long period of time, it's been a fantastic group to work with," he said.

As the superintendent, Grimsdale prioritizes two things, being student achievement and wellbeing. This is under the primary goal of success for all students.

"We want to see improvement in student achievement, as well as wellbeing. Those are the things that matter the most to us at Golden Hills."

Since he believes so strongly in the foundation the GHSD has built, Grimsdale doesn't have any plans for major shakeups; rather, he hopes to find ways to fine tune what's already working and build in areas that may need addressing.

"We have a great team here where we implement a number of programs in order to help support students. We've added a few more stacking pieces in order to help support students in their schools."

With school right around the corner, Grimsdale is excited for another great year full of unique programming. Highlighting the diversity of what the GHSD has to offer, Grimsdale hopes to make each students' school experience even better by exploring their passions.

"We're very proud of the programming we have, and it gives parents the ability to make that choice on what the best fit for their child would be. They can determine what is the best and then they have that choice."

Some of the programs include but aren't limited to:

  • French Immersion at Brentwood School
  • Hockey program at Westmount School
  • Leader in Me at Wheatland School
  • Christian programming at the Trinity Christian Academy.

Even though these programs are spread out throughout the various Strathmore schools, Grimsdale is happy to share that all schools are open to all kids, regardless of what community you live in. This means you can choose what school and program sounds most appealing to you.

"Our parents can pick and choose any school and we have bussing to all of our Strathmore schools so it doesn't matter what community you live in, you can take bussing to get to any of our schools."

As Grimsdale prepares for what he hopes will be another fantastic year, he said he's also excited to work with the board of trustees, and see students back in the hallways enjoying school.

"We have a great group of teachers and administrators who can't wait to meet their students on September 5."


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