Laughter and busied conversation seep out of the back rooms of the JMF Centre.  This is where a group of like minds can come together and let their imaginations run wild.

Trish Nelson, the facilitator for the Go Green Upcycling program of the Hope Bridges Society, said " It's actually a focused idea of what teachers have been doing for years. It's using things that people don't want or have gone out of disuse, and it is environmentally friendly so it is wonderful. 

Nelson went on to comment, "It is an inclusive program so anyone in the community is invited to come. It is called Hope Bridges and the goal of the program to use art to connect within the community.  Especially people who might not have an easy time connecting, stay at home moms, seniors , people with diversity and special need and really anyone who wants to come you have a day off on Thursday stop on by."

The project that uses recycled goods like old dominoes, board books from the Take It Or Leave It program at the recycle yard, or some of the chemicals used in the process she will buy from Micheal's.  This pendant will feature a Dirty Pour, that is a combination using acrylic paint and acrylic medium and the designs come from dragging a toothpick or gravity to create wearable art.