Golden West Broadcasting and 104.5 More Country presented the Golden West Broadcasting Canadian Content Development (CCD) Grant to the Strathmore Musical Arts Society. The Musical Arts Society received $4200 to continue supporting our local music scene and bring great performers to Strathmore.

"Our mantra is to bring top quality entertainment into a dinner theatre atmosphere and to encourage music and culture in Strathmore, including bringing on young artists as opening acts and encouraging the high school as well in their music program," President of the Society Linda Storkson said.

The grant money will be a tremendous help in continuing to bring excellent performers to Strathmore, and Storkson is excited to continue building Strathmore as a destination for musicians.

"I always thought that Strathmore could be a music Mecca. It really could, because we're on the highway, we're on the pipeline, and we have people come from all over," she said.

Because the Musical Arts Society is a non-profit and is focused on delivering great music to Strathmore, they offer cheap prices for a fantastic product. Tickets for the upcoming performances are only $60, which includes a fantastic dinner, with the show.

Beyond the goal of bringing musicians to Strathmore, Storkson explained supporting Strathmore's young musicians and growing the music scene in our community is something the Society is very passionate about. For example, when they brought in the band Mocking Shadows they asked the Strathmore High School to perform a flash mob for the audience, in addition the Society will also donate extra funds generated from 50/50s and shows to schools' arts programs.

As the name implies, the Musical Arts Society is primarily focused on music, but Storkson added they also stay involved in the community in other ways. For example, they'll donate to the Strathmore Overnight Shelter or the food bank when able, and also find ways to support other groups like the Strathmore Theatre Players Guild.

The upcoming shows will feature Guy Davis in October, and the Two Bit Bandits in November. You can learn more about the Strathmore Musical Arts Society and the upcoming shows on its website

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