School is back in action, and for some students it will be their last year in Strathmore as the grade 12 students prepare for one last year!

The final year of school has plenty of grade 12 students excited for what this year will bring. While it's a bit sad to think this may be the last time some of these students see their teachers and fellow students, Holy Cross Collegiate Grade 12 student Naomi Brett is excited for what's coming up.

"Learning my last bit of school will be fun, and the trips and my last experiences with my classmates and teachers, because I've really grown to really like my teachers and classmates. It's just fun, and I'm going to be really sad and miss them (when we graduate)," she said.

Brett pointed to many upcoming plans for this year, like a Europe trip, zoo trip for graduation, relay races, and more as some school events she's particularly excited for.

For other Holy Cross students like Mickaela Boll, she said she's ready to be much more active in the community for her last year compared to her earlier years.

"I want to make a lot more memories, make a show of 'I was here'. I was sort of under the covers from tenth and eleventh grade I think, but I want to make a mark somewhere so I'm looking forward to that. I want to try and volunteer more in the community and everything, I did the library program during the summer the past two years, I volunteered there."

Over in Strathmore High School, grade 12 student Emma Moore echoed the sentiment, saying she's really excited to be involved in all the school has to offer.

"There's a lot that I'm really looking forward to. I am in the theatre program at Strathmore High School so I'm super super excited for all those shows we're doing this year, those will be super fun. And I'm just really excited for all the different opportunities that I get going into grade 12, especially for grad and a whole bunch of really fun stuff. I'm also super excited to volunteer with the school and Spartan council and all the opportunities that will come with that. And I'm also the student liaison for the chamber of commerce so that's super exciting as well."

The last year of school can hold special significance for many students, and these three girls are no different. While there may be a bit of nervousness about stepping into the 'real world' after an entire life of schooling, that also comes with a lot of excitement for what the future holds.

"Growing up, most of what you do is school, you always have to go back to school. But after this it's your own choice to do whatever you're going to do. So it holds a lot of significance for this being your year of growing up into an adult and learning who you want to be and what you want to do," said Brett, who hopes to pursue art and 2D animation.

"It's definitely going to be an emotional one with leaving the school, you have to start fresh somewhere new, meet a bunch of new people. I've been with these kids in my class since kindergarten, I've known them for more than fifteen years. It's definitely going to be a new feeling once I leave," said Boll, who aspires to be a music teacher.

Graduation can be a bit bittersweet too, as it isn't easy leaving some community activities behind.

"I'm going into my fourteenth year of ringette, so it's a little sad to think this is my last season, because I've been playing it for so long, and this is my last year of curling as well because I curl on the high school team, and it's also very sad because it's my last Em's Donations projects year," said Moore, who plans on becoming an English teacher.

The last year of school can be full of many different emotions as students handle the pressure of exams and stepping out of their comfort zones, but also excitement for the future and the wonderful memories you can make in your last year. Good luck to all the grade 12 students preparing for what should be an eventful and memorable year!

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