Graffiti now adorns the new controversial logging bridge in Kananaskis Country.

The bridge is controversial because it crosses the Highwood River which is a key spawning ground for bull trout.

Bull trout, the official trout of Alberta, are a threatened species and have been off limits to anglers, besides catch and release, for decades.

Spray Lake Sawmills is the company with the permit for logging in the area and created the bridge.

They recently posted permit information near the bridge dated October 6, 2023.

Sign SPS permit posted on a nearby tree at the bridge.

In bright yellow spray paint, the words 'Save the Trout' were sprayed along one side of the bridge.  People have been protesting the bridge because it crossed the Highwood River which is a key waterway for bull trout.

The bridge in question is just a few hundred feet from Highway 40 between the day-use areas of Cat Creek and Lineham Creek with a logging road easily accessible from the highway.

TreesControversial bridge located just a hundred metres or so from Highway 40.

Here's the view from Highway 40, with Mist Moutain in the foreground. The bridge is just a hundred metres or so from the highway.

RoadHighway 40, adjacent to the logger's road and bridge over the Highwood River. Mist Mountain is in the distance.

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