The 104.5 More Country team was joined on the road for our delivery by today's sponsor Strathmore Seed. 

Hilton Ventures is in the middle of a busy harvest and the More Country team stopped in to deliver lunch to the crew of 12 from Wildfire BBQ. 

The crew has a full load this year, planting malt barley for Origin Malting and Brewing as well as wheat and canola.

Hilton said they are on schedule this year and have the most important crop off of the three.

"It's going really good, we have really good yields and the barley for making the beer is off, so that's good for a lot of people," he chuckled. 

Hilton explained the family has been farming in the area around Strathmore since 1910 and this year they are working to get their 16,500 acres finished.   

Through the winter the crew gets a bit smaller and they haul grain, and just like all the other busy farmers, Hilton said they will be hard work getting all the machinery ready for next year.

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