It is Day 10 of our Grain Rush winners and today we are celebrating Magnum Opus Incorporated, a grain and cattle farm just outside of Strathmore. They are still working through harvest with 200 acers left of irrigated crop to finish off. 

Jared Dougan explains that it has been a good harvest for the most part and it has been much longer than they expected. "We have just been chugging along, on the worst crop first and making our way west down in the Gleichen area and made our way up north to Strathmore here in the last week and a half, two weeks ago." 

One thing that Magnum Opus has been trying is the Bio Agtive Emissions Farming which is where internal combustion emissions are recycled from any fuel source into rich plant nutrition that is simultaneously returned to the crop environment from any mechanized agricultural equipment passing over landscapes as a farmer seeds, sprays, or harvests. 

"We have done some yield trials and I still have to combine the barley trial. It actually probably out yielded the synthetic by maybe one or two bushels an acre. So, the results were very promising. It is very interesting because there is not a lot of farmers that are willing to do this trial."

Dougan says that this season has been pretty good for them even with the drought that everyone has suffered from this year. "It was like second week in June, and we didn't have that rain and the crops were barely hanging on, but it actually turned out to be not too bad. I'd say that this is another learning experience. Every year we are learning more and more because every year is different." 

Today's winning farm is sponsored by The Town of Strathmore. This year the 104.5 More Country team will be bringing 12 farms and their crews along with all the event sponsors to town for a Harvest Dinner catered by Baldwin BBQ, on October 5th at the Legion.  To nominate a farm today visit!

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