Our second farm who will be joining the 104.5 More Country team for this year's Grain Rush Harvest dinner on October 5th is Slopeside Land and Cattle. 

As for many it was a wild year of weather and Belinda Nielson said they were no different, "We were surprised with some of the crops and others were as expected with, the wheat and barley surprised us the most." 

For Slopeside they were lucky this year with their Hay, Belinda explained that even with the weather they will have enough to get them through the winter and some extra to take to market, "We were very fortunate to have some of ours under irrigation so that really helped us this year." 

Belinda expressed her gratitude to her crew saying they are a dedicated group that has all been together with the newest member being with them for the last 4 years and another who going on 8 years. 

As for a bit of summer fun Belinda said they do have cattle up North so now they spend their time up there, "We have some pasture up north up by Edmonton on family land, and we just decided that's where we camp now because why not camp with our cows, it's lovely, it's all ours and it's quiet" 

Today's winning farm is sponsored by the Strathmore Ag Society. This year the 104.5 More Country team will be bringing 12 farms and their crews along with all the event sponsors to town for a Harvest Dinner catered by Baldwin BBQ, on October 5th at the Legion.  To nominate a farm today visit strathmorenow.com!