Today's winning farm that will be joining the 104.5 More Country Crew at this year's Grain Rush Harvet Dinner is the Sanden Farm, Including John and Allison and their Son Mike and his wife Melanie. 

Allison share that she and John have been in the area for many years, "John and I would are counting this as our 50th crop. We came back to the farm in 1974, but this is a 100 year old farm. It was my husband's grandfather, Theodore Thorssen and his wife Ellen came here in 1909." 

Allison said that even though it has been a tough year thankfully for their family it has been a bit better than expeceted and they have a bit more to do this season. 

Today's winning farm is sponsored by the PJ's Diner. This year the 104.5 More Country team will be bringing 12 farms and their crews along with all the event sponsors to town for a Harvest Dinner catered by Baldwin BBQ, on October 5th at the Legion.  To nominate a farm today visit!