We have another farm that is over 100 years old that we will be celebrating at this year's Grain Rush Harvest Dinner!  

Hi-Tech Farms is out by Rockyford and like many, it has been a tough year for their crew as well but Eric Martin said that they will be back again in the spring, "We will get everything serviced and fix what needs fixing and be ready to get back out next spring." 

Hoping as many farmers are in this area to see a bit more moisture as it has been a tough few years.  There crew is looking forward to joining the 104.5 More Country team as we honour the farmers in this area! 

Today's winning farm is sponsored by the Willow Tree Laser and Esthetics. This year the 104.5 More Country team will be bringing 12 farms and their crews along with all the event sponsors to town for a Harvest Dinner catered by Baldwin BBQ, on October 5th at the Legion.  To nominate a farm today visit strathmorenow.com!