We are at day 9 of Grain Rush winners and today we celebrate Page Ranches Ltd. They are a grain farm that west of Strathmore, around the Cheadle, Langdon area who grow things like wheat, barley and canola for the most part.

Jeff Page says that harvest this year went swimmingly and way better than they expected. "It dragged on a little bit longer than we ever anticipated just because it was so dry. We thought it would all go really early. But with our irrigated land and some of a little bit better quality land that we have to the West, it actually turned out to be a little later and therefore a little better crop than we thought."

They even got an opportunity to do some green feed this year. "Just as an opportunity that arose on a piece that we had set aside this summer, so we ended up seeding green feed late and I think it will be a lucrative deal because of the price of feed this year for all the cattle guys and the shortfall of feed stuffs in the area, I think it actually worked out pretty good."

Page says that the whole season went well this year, typical for the most part. "We kind of were anticipating a pretty good year with the snowfall that we had in the winter and kind of the fog and everything that led everybody to believe that it was going to be a good rainfall year but of course it ended up being a little bit dry, but it did turn out a little bit better than we would have expected." 

Today's winning farm is sponsored by Strathmore Seed. This year the 104.5 More Country team will be bringing 12 farms and their crews along with all the event sponsors to town for a Harvest Dinner catered by Baldwin BBQ, on October 5th at the Legion.  To nominate a farm today visit strathmorenow.com!

Farm day 9

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