It was a short drive from the station today for the 104.5 More Country team, who headed out to see Doug Keer and his crew of Kerora Farms as they are hoping to wrap up harvest earlier than usual this year. 

Keer, a 4th generation farmer, explained the family settled and began farming in 1910, and that on the Keer side of the family there were even some family members that immigrated to Canada from New Zealand. 

The crew had 8600 acres to get through this year and have already finished harvesting peas, wheat and barley and are getting ready to tackle the 2900 acres of canola left. 

Keer said that the August heat definitely sped up their timeline. They usually have a long drawn-out harvest, which they do prefer as it can give them better yields. This year has been short and quick. 

One interesting fact Keer shared was that when this area was initially settled he finds it interesting that a lot of people who came up from the Illinois area seemed to settle on the South side of Highway 1.  Whereas his family and many others who came up to the area from the Dakotas settled on the North side of Highway 1.

Wherever the settlers came from, Keer said it is great to see so many farms that were settled in the 1900's still in operation today and many within the same families. 

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