The 104.5 More Country cruiser was back on the road today heading out on the last Grain Rush drop of the week! 

Today's drop-off for Grain Rush is sponsored by MLA Leela Sharon Aheer, who joined us on the road to bring the hard-working crew at Hendricks Farm lunch provided by Wildfire BBQ. 

The Hendricks family has been working hard on their 1700-acre property for over 5 generations. Recently they have been busy planting wheat, malt, barley, and canola, as well as looking after their 120 head of cattle.

Mike Hendricks said this year has been going pretty well so far.

"We have only had a couple of minor issues and should be able to be done by the end of the week, the stars would need to align for us to finish up this weekend." 

Like most in the area, normally this crew is finishing around Thanksgiving with The earlier timeline has Mike feeling pretty happy.

"There is always a lot to do on top of just the harvest so getting done a little bit earlier than usual sure takes the pressure off." 

Mike and the crew had a bit of a later start today and were happy to do it on a full stomach after enjoying their brisket lunch Wildfire BBQ had on the menu, "It's a nice to have someone make us lunch for a change." 

Today's delivery was sponsored by MLA Leela Sharon Aheer. To nominate a farm today visit

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