This past week Holy Cross Collegiate celebrated their top athletes in Cross -Country, Basketball, VolleyBall, Badminton and Track and Field. 

Athletic Director, Joshua Jalbert, handed out medals and shared personal stories about the athletes and how their determination, spirit and the love of the game moved him emotionally and would be something he would never forget. 

The athletes of the year for junior male and female were Althea Rueda, and Bennett Everett.

The senior female and male athletes of the year were Hope Given, and Alex Nwoye.

Below is the complete list of award winners.

Cross- Country

Most Dedicated: Renee Stinson

Most Improved: Kelly Berreth

Most Valuable: Colby Tanton and Sophie Beekman


Jr. B Girls V-ball

Most Dedicated: Charly Ward

Most Improved: Ryan Beekman

Most Valuable: Katrina Young

Jr. B Boys V-ball

Most Dedicated: Evan Hunter

Most Improved: Aaron Lagoutte

Most Valuable: Mark Baccay and Aldrin Rueda

Jr. A Girls V-ball

Most Dedicated: Madisyn Warder

Most Improved: Jessalyn Pettifer

Most Valuable: Jewel Hilton

Jr. A Boys V-ball

Most Dedicated: Bennett Everett

Most Improved: Joe Intic

Most Valuable: Connor Cockx

Sr. Girls V-ball

Most Dedicated: Ocean MacLean

Most Improved: Hayley Tanton

Most Valuable: Abby Hilton and Renee Stinson

Sr. Boys V-ball

Most Dedicated: Alex Nwoye

Most Improved: Aidan Cockx

Most Valuable: Colby Tanton


Jr. B Girls B-ball

Most Dedicated: Katrina Young

Most Improved: Carmen Luck

Most Valuable: Saige Aleman

Jr. B Boys B-ball

Most Dedicated: Nick Szasz

Most Improved: Reid Jakubisian

Most Valuable: Mark Baccay

Jr. A Girls B-ball

Most Dedicated: Morgan Vogelaar

Most Improved: Anne Viollote

Most Valuable: Althea Rueda and Maia Donais

Jr. A Boys B-ball

Most Dedicated: Lucas Van Haarlem

Most Improved: Sean Grill

Most Valuable: Bennett Everett

Sr. Girls B-ball

Most Dedicated: Maren Everett

Most Improved: Christina Leskiw

Most Valuable: Hope Given

Sr. Boys B-ball

Most Dedicated: Joe Szasz and Carson Burgemeister

Most Improved: Delray Yellow Old Woman

Most Valuable: Alex Nwoye


Jr. High


Most Dedicated: Althea Rueda

Most Improved: Sam Munro and Ryan Beekman

Most Valuable: Katrina Young


Most Dedicated: Kieran Donais

Most Improved: Darien Matwe

Most Valuable: Nick Szasz and Corson Bur

Sr. High

Most Dedicated: Megan Vogelaar and Tyler LaChance

Most Improved: Maia Beekman and Aidan Cockx

Most Valuable: Brooke Miller and Colby Tanton

Track and Field

Jr. High


Most Dedicated: Althea Rueda

Most Improved: Stephanie Nwoye

Most Valuable: Tori Evans


Most Dedicated: Kieran Donais

Most Improved: Kieran Donais

Most Valuable: Dawson Jensen

Sr. High

Most Dedicated: Sophie Beekman

Most Improved:Justin Paul

Most Valuable: Brooke Miller and Alex Nwoye