Strathmore’s gas prices have increased at some stations right before the weekend.

Across town some gas stations have seen an eight-cent jump in today from $1.639/litre to around $1.719/litre for regular gas.

As of Friday morning, Calgary gas prices ranged from $1.599 at Costco (East Hills) to $1.63 at other gas stations. 

Patrick De Haan, Head of Petroleum Analysis at GasBuddy, says when it all comes down to it, oil prices are going up. 

De Haan also says transitioning to cleaner, more expensive summer gasoline ahead of the summer driving season also played a part in raising the price. 

“With the decline in gasoline inventories, things are getting a little bit tight. You may have noticed the price of diesel sits close to $2 a litre in many areas across Canada. Products are getting extremely tight ahead of the summer. It doesn't look like we're going to see any relief anytime soon.” 

Going into the summer months, De Haan says the prices could keep on fluctuating. 

“The only thing consistent about gas prices is that they move, whether that be up or down. I do think that gasoline and diesel prices will likely continue to face additional upward pressure in the weeks ahead.” 

It could be worse however, we could be filling up in Vancouver. With gas prices on the west coast being over two dollars a litre, while gas prices on the east coast in cities like Fredericton are also approaching the two-dollar mark.