The Alberta Living Wage Network (ALWN) released its findings for 2023.  

A living wage is an employee's hourly wage needed to cover their basic expenses and have a modest standard of living once government transfers have been added and taxes have been subtracted. 

Strathmore was not on the list but nearby Brooks was listed at $19.05 for a living wage. 

The list of wages:

  • Brooks, $19.05 
  • Calgary, $23.70 
  • Canmore, $38.80 
  • Drayton Valley, $19.55 
  • Edmonton, $22.25 
  • Fort McMurray, $24.50 
  • Grande Prairie, $18.90 
  • High River, $21.70 
  • Jasper, $24.90 
  • Lac La Biche County, $21.60 
  • Lethbridge, $20.60 
  • Medicine Hat, $17.35 
  • Red Deer, $18.75 
  • Spruce Grove, $21.00 
  • St. Albert, $23.80 
  • Stony Plain, $21.10 

The calculation is based on the income needs of three different household types: a two-parent family with two young children, a lone-parent family with one child, and a single individual.

The calculation assumes that each adult is working full-time hours and includes savings for unexpected costs, continuing education, child care, and a small amount that allows people to participate within the community. 

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