If you're looking for a way to get more active, why not try pickleball?

Tomorrow is Alberta Pickleball Day! To celebrate, the Strathmore Pickleball Club is inviting everybody to join them on the tennis courts at 12 p.m.

Sheila Mcleod with the Strathmore Pickleball Club says anyone interested should give it a try, as it's a sport that can be played by all.

"Pickleball is an inclusive game that anybody can play, no matter what your age is, no matter what your ability is. Whether you've been an athlete, whether you've never played a sport in your life. It's a game that you can pick up really quickly," she said.

"Within an hour we can take you from an introduction to playing a full game, and then it just goes up from there."

Pickleball is a racquet-based sport similar to tennis, although it is far simpler to pick up and play. Unlike tennis, pickleball's rules are designed to allow anybody to join in on the fun. 

"Anybody can try it. It really is a very inclusive game. You'd be surprised at the people that are out there playing. We all look different, we all have different sizes and shapes and ages and we're all just out there having a good time."

"You can play at a recreational fun level, you can play at a competitive level, and you can get better if you want to pursue it."

Mcleod added that the club can provide equipment to any newcomers that don't have their own gear yet. She also hopes to expand the sport to all age groups.

"We're hoping to have a junior program within the next year or two. It's a game that used to have a reputation as being just for old people, but now people are seeing that it's got a lot more versatility than that."

If you're still on the fence, Mcleod says that pickleball is "a great way to make new friends."

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