At the beginning of the 14 years that this fundraiser has been put on it was quite intimate says Sheila Konschuh, one of the founding organizers for the event.  She said that it has grown from the 75 people who attended to this great musical showcase that it is today.  Konschuh describes what it has become, "Hope Bridges, Artists Among Us Gala is a celebration of inclusivity and belonging in our community.  It's just an incredible inclusive performance with a diverse range of performers, and very gifted musicians.  We are just so excited about how it has come together for Sunday."

The group of performers is very diverse featuring the weekly drumming group that will bring a high-energy show.  The singing group "Sing Your High Note" is really dynamic, fun group to watch perform.  Special guests include frontman from the Mocking Shadows Jory Kinjo and Ghost Boy.

There is also a meal with the show that was not always available, Konschuh talks about the need for this extra element, "We have put together a lovely fundraising dinner.  We didn't use to do a dinner it's just something we started doing over the last few years, and we just realized that there is so much of a need for fellowship after this performance. People don't want to go home so we host a lovely dinner.  The most important thing is that our artists and guests get a chance to be together and just fill each other up." 

Tickets are $25 at the door of the Hope Community Covenant Church, and the show starts at 3 p.m.