Yes, that’s me in the photo. And yes that is a real giant British chocolate bar that made its way into my home this Christmas season. So the question is, have you got something that was leftover from Christmas? Something that you’re just unwrapping or getting a look at right now.

So much has happened and I am sad to say that my Christmas tree is still up with the lights and all. I’ve just been too lazy to take them down. But I have no clue how I could have missed this one?

Every year there is something leftover from Christmas that makes an appearance at this time, right during the most depressing time in January.

I’m sure you want to know what I’m going to do with it.

Well, I just had a root canal and shelled out the over $2,000 bucks to have beautiful chocolate-free teeth. Excessive candy eating landed me with the feeling like my mouth was dying, as my tooth pulp was actually dying. Never before have I felt such pain. Plus even though everyone in the office loves mint chocolate, I can’t stand it.

So no I won't be indulging!

Somehow I feel like come Monday afternoon, there will be a few sick, belly aching radio station members feeling satisfied and at the same time bemoaning their British chocolate mint sweats.

( If it's possible to get chocolate sweats kind of like meat sweats)

Best regards,