We asked and you answered Strathmore through social media and on our Strathmore Dodge text line at 403-902-1111.

fb post screen shot

We are a polite bunch that's for sure we got the classic EH? and Sorry, and Oh Yeah, No for Sure!  

You all came to play there were a lot of FB comments and text and a few standouts in the crowd.

  • Chris is in a good ol' Canadian Standoff:

            After you!  No after you!
            No, I insist, after you!

  • Nevan will just bring up our delicious snacks and simply said -  Ketchup Chips! 
  • Todd hit the nail on the head saying: "Sorry A-Boot that, eh! Don’t be a Hoser!"
  • Jason is going to wear his Blue Jean Tuxedo!
  • Jennifer is wearing a winter coat to a ball game in June! 
  • Shawn is grabbing a Timmies and a 2-4 for the weekend ( sounds like a great plan to us!)
  • Kerri - Would just mosey up to the bar and ask for a Beer and Clam.
  • Tim: Well it's -40 with a windchill of -50 grab the shorts and sandals and let's go, boys! 
  • Kevin - Let er' rip!
  • Mackenzie - Hey just gonna squeeze by ya there bud.

This was one of my favourites thanks for playing along and giving us a giggle as we celebrate Canada!  

Drop it in the comments how would you tell someone you are Canadian without saying I Am Canadian?