Rosebud Theatre will celebrate 50 years of art in the valley this year!

Executive Director Paul Muir tells the importance of theatre not just in the community of Rosebud but for all of their visitors after 50 years.

“Telling stories often helps us know who we are. We hardly would know who we are or what our identity is or how we fit within the culture if we didn't have art, but also if we didn't have stories.”

The art of storytelling is something that Muir and the whole community of Rosebud has been doing for many years.

"Stories get passed down from generation to generation, they help us understand the culture around us, the society around us, and the complex issues can actually be unpacked and understood in a different way through the power of storytelling."

Muir goes on to explain all the wonderful things that are planned throughout this year to celebrate this milestone, including a film that is going to be made.

“There's going to be a great big alumni weekend in August and we were grateful to get some matching grant money from the provincial government, part of that money is going towards making a film.”

The film is not only going to celebrate Rosebud Theatre but the whole story of the valley and will be going back to the Indigenous roots of the Rosebud Valley and the growth of the valley all the way back to 1973.

In addition, the filmmakers also look forward to the next 50 years of the organization and what is still to come in the future.

Another way this milestone will be celebrated is with a production of The Sound of Music; audiences will get to enjoy this production from June 2 to September 2.

“We have been wanting to do the Sound of Music for so long and finally we've got the rights for it and this summer coming up is going to be an incredible production of the Sound of Music and it'll be so fun,” Muir explained

Rosebud will celebrate its deep rooted history in the arts, faith, and hospitality. Muir describes it as a crossroads between urban and rural where all are welcome to experience the uniqueness of the gem of the valley.

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