Summer is great for many things, but one of the annual downsides is always the mosquitos. And it seems like they've been worse than ever this year.

If you noticed more mosquitos, you're definitely not alone. Town of Strathmore Operations Manager Donna McCallum explains that the recent weather has played a huge role in the mosquito increase.

“The weather over the past month has been very hospitable to mosquitos. The wet conditions through the end of June created ponds of water in the surrounding area. This standing water is a perfect breeding ground for mosquito larvae and led to the noticeable rise in mosquitos these past few weeks," McCallum said in a written statement.

While it's definitely an annoyance to deal with swarms of mosquitos, McCallum said the town is working to get rid of anywhere that could be an ideal mosquito nest.

"The Town works to eliminate potential breeding locations. Our storm water system includes several dry ponds that rarely hold water for more than 48 hours – significantly less than the 8-10 days required for an egg to mature into an adult. Stagnant water is the best breeding ground so our entire storm sewer system keeps water moving to minimize standing water."

If you want to deal with the problem directly, McCallum says you can take the well-known steps of using insect repellants and wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants to avoid bites. Long shirts and pants won't always be an option due to the heat, but you can always use repellant. She also explains how you can lower the mosquitos in your own yard.

"Outdoor lights can be replaced with yellow bug lights to attract fewer insects. Eliminate standing water on your property – even an empty pop can is big enough for mosquitos to breed in."

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