Gophers seem to be a popular topic every summer. Whether it's gopher holes causing safety issues or chewing up your garden, these critters can be quite the nuisance. 

If you're looking for a way to keep your yard gopher-free, Town of Strathmore Operations Manager Donna McCallum says there are several steps you can take.

"Castor oil and fabric softener repel gophers and are non-toxic. Fabric softener sheets placed at the entrances to burrows are also a repellant. Blocking the entrance to burrows with rocks can help to limit increases in their territory. Gophers also eat seeds, nuts and grains. Keeping these items out of your yard can help deter gophers from entering your property," she said in a written response.

McCallum explained that gophers are usually free to multiply and roam around near towns since people keep predators at bay.

"Gophers are a native species in the prairies and they benefit from living near people. Many of their natural predators avoid towns, so there are fewer natural controls on their population."

While gopher control is most effective when they come out of hibernation and go into hibernation, the town is already looking to see what steps they can take. 

"One plan we’re developing is a multi-stakeholder approach. The best approach is a coordinated effort across all landowners. Removing gophers from one plot of land is a temporary solution – a new population will simply take their place. By working with as many partners as possible to address as much land as possible, we can make a bigger impact."

McCallum says the town's preferred method for gopher control is a non-toxic foam that is dispersed into their burrows since it's a humane control that still keeps the area safe for people and pets.

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