The Hussar and District Community Hall is set to receive a $6,000 financial boost, as Lallemand recently announced area farmer Kevin Slemko as the Alberta winner of the Hometown Roots Family Contest.

Slemko was awarded the opportunity to select a hometown organization to receive a $5,000 contribution from Lallemand, and he selected the Hussar Community Hall. Slemko purchased his Lallemand inoculant from the Strathmore UFA, and UFA has since offered to add a $1,000 donation alongside Lallemand’s $5,000, for a total of $6,000, which will provide a real boost to the community-owned and operated facility.

Slemko said he chose the Hussar Community Hall to receive the funds because of the importance of community gatherings.

“The last couple of years have shown us that community functions and gatherings are a very important part of our life, not only for our sense of community but also for our mental health.”

Kathy Dundas, the treasurer with the Hussar Community Hall, was thrilled to receive this donation.

"The donation from the Hometown Roots Family Contest as directed by Kevin Slemko was wonderful and a great boost for the Hussar and District Community Hall.  We are so thankful that Kevin thought of our organization."

Dundas explained that for many years the hall has been the gathering place for community hosted weddings, bridal and baby showers, community dinners and dances, along with many youth activities. 

Dundas added that money like this is so important to smaller groups and organizations.

"During Covid, utility and maintenance expenses continued with no rental income being generated. Even before Covid, income generated did not cover operational expenses." 

The money will be put to good use, as the hall is in need of a new dishwasher. The donation will help with that along with some operational costs. 

“Lallemand recognizes the important role rural farm families play, and Lallemand Hometown Roots Family Contest gave us a way to give back to their local communities,” says Lallemand Plant Care Marketing Manager Colin Sebulsky.

“We were especially pleased that UFA offered to contribute $1,000 to boost the prize value,” Sebulsky added.

“UFA prides itself on participating in a large variety of community initiatives across all of the geographies we serve. When a great partner like Lallemand provided an opportunity to support a fantastic, locally focused program like the Hometown Roots Family Contest, we couldn’t say yes fast enough. We are grateful for all of the support our members provide us and this is just another way for UFA to give back to the communities we serve,” says Brett Yeske, Director, Sales and Service, UFA.

During the contest, from November 2021 through May 2022, growers in the Prairie provinces had the opportunity to enter, either by purchasing Lallemand inoculants, including LALFIX® SPHERICAL Granule for pulses and soybeans or LALFIX® PROYIELD LIQUID Soybean, or by writing an essay explaining what farming means to them and how they would leverage the funds to support their community. One winner in Saskatchewan and Manitoba has also been selected.

“I was impressed that Lallemand and UFA were giving the money to our rural community. As large corporations take over the industry, community involvement gets less and less. It’s nice to see companies giving back to what matters to us,” Slemko says.

“As a family-owned and operated organization with rural roots and rural customers, Lallemand Plant Care is pleased to have had the opportunity to give back to the community of Hussar through this contest,” adds Sebulsky. 

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