A concerned community member noticed five individuals catching and retaining over the legal limits of fish on Eagle Lake (Southeast of Strathmore). Once the anglers came to shore, a fish and wildlife officer searched the boats and contained 25 walleye and six northern pike.

The daily quota and possession limit for both walleye and northern pike from Eagle Lake is zero, anglers are only allowed to catch and release. The individuals that were fishing were placed under arrest at the time the offence was discovered. Once the fish and equipment were seized as evidence, they were issued appearance notices on scene.

The accused appeared in front of the Strathmore Provincial Court where they received a penalty of $7,600 and 15 years in total fishing license suspensions (three years per individual). 

Fish and Wildlife say that Albertans play an important role in protecting fish and wildlife resources and our natural surroundings by observing the activity that is all around you. To report suspicious or illegal hunting and fishing activity, call the Report A Poacher line at 1-800-642-3800.

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