Queen Elizabeth II passed away yesterday at 96 years old, and the news has people all over the world mourning the loss. Mayor Pat Fule said it's sad to see her passing, and also reflected on all she did during her time on the throne.

"It's a sad time for us because the queen was in power for so long and and did so many wonderful things. She was just a selfless person and and her efforts during World War II were pretty impressive. To be doing work with the military in mechanics and to be such a powerful person, to set a good example for Britain during World War II and then after. She always maintained a sense of regal power and leadership and she was just a calm, caring person who did a great deal and I think the thing that impresses me the most is her time during World War II."

The Town of Strathmore will be mourning her passing with flags flying at half mast. The flags are currently at half mast to honour the people lost to the Saskatchewan stabbings, and they will now remain like that until the coronation of the next monarch. Fule added other actions, like putting a black drape over the Queen's portrait, could also be a part of the mourning process.

The Queen was a very important figure to many people in Strathmore, and Fule hopes to properly honour her memory and show respect on behalf of the entire town.

"We know that a great many of Strathmore's residents come from various Commonwealth countries, so I'm sure to a lot of people this is a pretty somber time, and it's a time of loss. We want to make sure that we do our utmost as a town to show our respect and gratitude and care for her, as well as to the royal family on their loss because they've lost their mother or grandmother and great-grandmother."

The Queen's passing has naturally led to questions about her succession, which has been a hot topic recently. Regardless of what ends up happening, Fule is ready to support whoever the next King is.

"As a member of a municipal government, I plan on doing whatever I can, whatever small way, to honor and respect what they decide as their succession"

Fule added that he believes Canada being in the Commonwealth is a great thing. He's a proud first generation Canadian, but is also happy to be in the Commonwealth.

"I'm proud to be a Canadian and I'm proud to be a part of supporting the Commonwealth. We're stronger together than we are apart and the royalty is a definite part of that. So I'm more than willing to be a part of the Commonwealth and stand up for the things that we believe in as countries

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