Moira Wiley, who is also known as Moira Darrell, is one of several authors to be featured at the Strathmore Municipal Library's first annual local author showcase. 

As a teen Wiley's love for writing soared, she wrote poems and she used to love the composition English classes because she could write and express all of her emotions. She recently finished her novel "Selena and her Mysteries," which she explained was a work done over a long period of time. 

"I started writing when we had lived in another small community. I started about 2000 words and set it aside for 30 years and then during the pandemic I just kept thinking about it. So, I went and got it and I made, and I did about 90,000 words." 

The book is available on many platforms like Amazon and Kindle, which has been very special for Wiley. She said seeing her hard work officially published was incredibly rewarding.

"That was very emotional for me because it seemed to it was my first one, and I remember saying the characters just grabbed me and pulled me along."

Wiley is currently working on another book which is something she never thought would happen because she didn't think she would even have her first one published. 

"I had no idea I'd write one book and have it published, and I didn't know I'd get into the second one and I've got 65,000 words on it. So, I guess I'm now a writer. I guess that's what I am."

As for her future goals in writing and where that will take her Wiley says she feels that writing is something that she needs to do. 

"Originally I wrote Selena and her Mysteries just for me to give me a purpose of feeling okay about the pandemic, and this next one popped into my head one night and I am doing that one. I suppose in a way, now I'm prepared for all of the extra work it takes to actually publish one of two other ones that I have 10,000 words for each of them." 

Going to the local author showcase has been something that makes Wiley nervous, but she's also excited at the same time. "My first thought has been, oh no, I am in the public eye now, but I do want to share my book because I find it to be very interesting."

"I've had my 13-year-old granddaughter read it and she said it was wonderful. I have had other older people read it including a man, and he said it was delightful, so I don't think there's an age group, although it is about young, younger people and it involves family, parents, grandparents."

Wiley can't wait to show the community her book and for them to dive into her second one.


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