Chestermere City Councillor Janelle Sandboe joined us in the 104.5 More Country studios to chat about her plans for the city after being elected just weeks ago.

During the lead up to the election Sandboe says she could feel the momentum.

"I felt really relieved, I went into the election knowing I had a pretty good chance, and I worked hard. I was pretty confident on voting day that I would get in. But when it became clear that my name was on the list, it was a huge relief."

Sandboe had the most votes for a councillor in the 2024 byelection earning 2,819 ballots in her name.

As the newly elected council gets underway, Sandboe says its members will work together to get things done.

"We're working on everything at once and we still have our formal orientations and trainings but in the next several weeks we'll be getting together to do strategic planning and that's how we set our priorities in council."

According to Sandboe, council will try to regain the trust of Chestermere residents.

"All of the people who got into council are known by the community. That goes a huge way towards rebuilding trust."

Sandboe will answer these questions and more on Thursday morning on the 104.5 More Country morning show.